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Our villas are inspired by innovation and present our clients with unique designs that are unparalleled within the market.

A fine example of luxury intertwined with natural elements and exquisite architecture.
it’s provided in different area spaces 185 m2, 200 m2, 220 m2, 230 m2 and  270 m2.

Town Villa 185

Town Villa 220V

Town Villa 200

Town Villa 230

Town Villa 220

Town Villa 270

The luxurious Signature Villa is known for its exclusive style, authentic architecture and idyllic surroundings. it’s overlooking gardens and greenery landscapes
it’s provided in different area spaces: 180 m2, 200 m2 and 300 m2.

Signature Villa 225

Signature Villa 370

Iconic villa design with flying stairs, green court and intimate garden, it elevates your living experience to another whole level.
it’s provided  in two area spaces: 175 m2 and 400 m2.

Water Villas are aesthetically designed to meet the clients’ interests and lifestyles uniquely.
It’s a premium villa design with a lake view that offers beach life all year long
It’s provided in different area spaces: 300 m2, 480 m2, 600 m2, 910 m2.

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