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One in a Million

The WaterMarQ shapes one of the finest arts. Crafted with love and uniqueness for niche individuals, The WaterMarQ prides itself as an innovative and edgy entity that cares about the comfort and satisfaction of each of its clients. Thus, allowing you to experience the value of being “One in a Million”. Out of the 100-million-population in Egypt, only one hundred individuals are able to obtain the exclusive luxury of being one in a million, “The WaterMarQ” residents. “The WaterMarQ” is providing its niche individuals with a hundred lakefront stand-alone villas, crafted with uniqueness and attention to detail.


Imagine waking up to the smooth sound of light waves landing on your terrace, and you go straight into the lake to have a morning swim.
Guess what, that is your everyday at The WatermarQ.

Heart of New Cairo

The WaterMarQ conveniently designed to meet its clients’ desires and needs while optimizing their lifestyles.
Located at the prime-most area of Egypt, the compound exists at the pulse of New Cairo, close to AUC gate 4 , Point 90, Azad, Azad 1, and Urban Walk

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Master Plan

The masterplan is artistically and aesthetically designed to vocalize personal style and creativity. With the air soothing with tranquility, its magical lake flows within the veins of the compound. Thus, providing life to each villa.

The East Bank
The West Bank
The Island
The Heart

With its bustling location at the west, the West bank manifests a character full of life and energy Thus, creating new beginnings and everlas ting memories.

Its beauty and grace make the Heart
skip a beat. Located in the middle
of The WaterMarQ compound, the
heart overlooks the community island

The Island is a breathing land,
surrounded by a flowing lake.
It exemplifies a fascinating
dream created with a sense of
serenity and tranquility. Thus,
transforming everyday life into light

The East bank manifests a
distinguished character that
values elegance and the core of
everything alluring and enlivening.

All-Villa Exclusive Community

The Watermarq community explores their life with a touch of purity and relaxation. This aesthetic project embodies this awe-inspiring blue diamond to portray the genuine experience of peacefulness and devotion. With its 100 berry-breeze villas, each villa overlooks an active lake, suitable for swimming, kayaking, and most significantly,
watching cinema movies.

Swimmable Active Lake

The lake has been used consistently as a part of the identity, all lakes are suitable for swimming and kayaking.

Private Beach Front

The Water MarQ is providing its niche individuals with a hundred lakefront stand-alone villas to enjoy waking up to the smooth sound of the light waves landing on the terrace and have a morning swim.

Community Island

Our island is designed to connect the WaterMarQ community, it is also distinguished with amenities such as a spa, a lounge, restaurants, and special spaces for social activities.



Watervilla 300

Watervilla 910

Watervilla 480

Watervilla 600


The WaterMarQ Experience

The WaterMarQ brings you an all-exclusive villa community, located in Egypt’s most luxurious neighbourhood— at the pulse of New Cairo, a few minutes away AUC’s Gate 4 and Point 90.

The WaterMarQ's Location

In the heart of New Cairo, another Gem by the MarQ Communities is located. Inspired by the essence of water, The WaterMarQ outlooks lagoons and swimmable lakes all around; becoming a one of a kind living space and bringing the beauty and serenity of coasts right in the center of the city.


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